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Canada caselaw Catholic schools censorship charitable status charity CHARLIE HEBDO Charter Charter damages Charter of Rights and Freedoms Charter rights Charter values Chevron Chief Justice Joyal Christianity Church civics civility civil law civil litigation civil procedure class action classical federalism class proceedings Climate change coercion collateral benefits Comeau common good common law communism Confederation Conrad Black consent conservatism conservative conspiracy Constitution Constitution Act Constitution Act 1867 Constitution Act 1982 constitutional amendments constitutional conventions constitutional democracy constitutional democracy under stress constitutional interpretation constitutionalism constitutional law constitutional principle constitutional supremacy Constitution of Canada Constitution of the United States constraint consumer protection contingency fee agreement contingency fees contract contract law contracts convention cooperative federalism coopreative federalism copyright correctness correctness standard corruption costs Court challenges program Court Martial Appeal Court Court of Appeal Courtoreille Courtoreille Appeal courts COVID criminal code criminal justice system criminal law Crown Crown prerogative CSIS Act cultural appropriation culture of justification damages debate declarations declaratory relief deference delegation democracy democratic process failures demonstrably justified Dialogue theory Dicey Diceyan dignity discrimination disguised correctness dissent distribution of powers division of powers doctrine Donald Trump Dore Doug Ford due process Dunsmuir duty to consult ecolawgic ecosystems Edmonton East education edwards Egan electoral reform Emergencies Act emergency employment law environmental law Epoch Times equality equity European Union euthenasia events evidence executive power expertise extrinsic evidence Factum Fathers of Confederation federal court of appeal Federalism firearm First past the post formal equality formalism FRANCE Francis Bacon freedom freedom of association freedom of contract freedom of expression freedom of religion freedom of speech free the beer free trade fundamental justice Galati Galati v. Harper Gehl gender Ghomeshi global standards Gold Seal Gorsuch Governor General Governor In Council Grant Huscroft greenhouse gases Groia Guantanamo Bay Hamilton Harper hate speech Henry Henry VIII Henry VIII clause history House of Commons human rights Human Rights Act Human Rights Code Immigration incorporation Indian Act Indian Status Indigenous individual rights institutions instrumentalism Insurance Insurance Act Insurance Contract insurance law intent international law international tax interpretation interprovincial trade Intervention James Madison Jason MacLean Joanna Baron Jody Wilson-Raybould John A. MacDonald Judge Garland judges judging judicial activism judicial appointments judicial function judicial independence judicial instrumentalism judicial philosophy judicial restraint judicial review judicial role judicial supremacy judiciary jurisdiction jurisprudence jury trial justice Justice Abella Justice Brown Justice Côté Justice Lauwers Justice Martin Justice Miller Justice Rand Justice Rothstein Justice Scalia Justice Stratas Justice Wagner Justice Wilson Justiciable Justin Trudeau Khadr Khadr Settlement Labour labour law Labour trilogy language rights Law and Freedom law and morality law school law society Law Society Act lawsuit legal community legal history legal order legal philosophy Legault legislative history legislative instrumentalism legislative intent legislative sovereignty legislative supremacy legislators legislatures LGBTQ liberal democracy liberalism libertarian libertarianism liberty limitation period Limitations Act LIMITATIONS ON FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION living constitution living tree longgun Lord Sankey LSUC Magna Carta Mainville marijuana marijuana legalization markets McGill University mediation medical malpractice Members of Parliament memorial to the victims of communism Michael Pal MikisewCree military law military tribunal Misrepresentation monument Moot morality Morgentaler motion to strike motor vehicle accidents Nadon Nadon Reference National Post native natural law negligence new originalism news NFL nomination non-delegation doctrine notwithstanding clause novel question Obama occupiers' liability OFFENSIVE IMAGERY Omar Khadr Ontario Ontario Court of Appeal original intent originalism original meaning palpable and overriding error paramountcy Parliament parliamentary sovereignty parliamentary supremacy parol evidence patriation personal injury personal injury litigation persons Persons Case physician-assisted dying Plato pleadings PMO political culture politicization politics populism positive law positive rights positivism precedent predictability predictable prejudgment interest President Trump presumption of constitutionality presumption of innocence Prime Minister principles of fundamental justice prisons Private law Privy Council procedure progressive property and civil rights Property Rights proportional representation Prosecutorial independence prostitution provincial constitution provincial rights psychology publications public health Public Health Act public law public policy purpose purposive purposive approach purposivism Quebec Quebec Resolutions ranked ballot Rathgeber reading in reasonable limits reasonableness reasonableness standard reasonable notice reasons Reference re Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act referendum Reform refugee registry regulations remedies responsible government retired judges retroactive retrospective Richard Posner rights Right to housing Right to strike role of legislatures Roncarelli Rothstein rule 21 rule of law Runnymede Radio Runnymede Society s.33 s.52 s.93 s.96 s.96 courts s.121 Sattva Schachter scholarship SCOTUS section 1 section 7 section 7s section 11 section 11(b) section 15 section 28 section 33 section 35 section 52 Section 96 section 121 Senate separation of powers settlement sex sexual assault sexual equality sexual orientation Shawcross doctrine SNC Lavalin social media social science evidence speech speedy trial standard of review stare decisis Statement of Principles statute statutory interpretation Substantive equality sui generis summary judgment Superior Court Supreme Court Supreme Court of Canada Supreme Court of the United States surgery tax tax law text textualism The Advocates' Quarterly tort tort law torts trade and commerce trial Trial Lawyers Trinity Western University Trudeau TWU Uber uncertainty unconscionability union United Kingdom United Kingdom Parliament United States unwritten constitution unwritten principles vagueness values Vavilov Venice Commission violence Vriend watertight compartments