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ARL at the Supreme Court

Advocates for the Rule of Law is proud to announce that it has completed its first intervention at the Supreme Court. ARL intervened on behalf of the respondent in the case of Courtoreille v. Canada. ARL argued that the duty to consult principle must be balanced against the principle of legislative sovereignty. If the government fails to consult with Aboriginal groups prior ...

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Why ARL Opposes a Duty to Consult in the Legislative Process

On January 15, 2018, lawyers for Advocates for the Rule of Law (“ARL”) will be appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada to make submissions in a case that will consider whether there is a justiciable duty to consult potentially affected Aboriginal groups in the legislative process.  This is the first Supreme Court of Canada case that ARL has intervened ...

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ARL’s Factum in Courtoreille

Pursuant to the Order of the Honourable Justice Brown, Advocates for the Rule of Law was granted leave to intervene in the Courtoreille Appeal. We are thrilled to publish our Factum which will be before the Supreme Court of Canada on January 15, 2018. Once again we thank pro bono counsel Brandon Kain and Bryn Gray of McCarthy Tétrault LLP for all their hard work on our ...

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ARL’s Intervention Materials

Advocates for the Rule of Law has received a number of requests to post the materials filed with the Court seeking status as an intervener. For those interested, we are happy to oblige. ARL’s Affidavit can be viewed here: The Affidavit of Justin W. Anisman ARL’s Factum can be viewed here: Factum of the Intervener ARL

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