Two years before s.121 or any similar provision was drafted, George Brown stated in the Legislative Assembly that under the Quebec Resolutions "our farmers and manufacturers and mechanics shall carry their wares unquestioned into every village of the Maritime provinces."

A Marriage Made in Britain: Section 121 and the Division of Powers

The New Brunswick Court of Appeal will hear the Crown’s appeal in R. v. Comeau ...

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Trinity Western's Norma Marion Alloway Library  at sunset

The Decisions to Reject Trinity Western were not “Prescribed by Law”

This article appears in the current (Fall 2016) edition of the Christian Legal Journal, a ...

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"[T]here may be a range of sixty colours, each of which is so little different from its neighbour that it is difficult to make any distinction between the two, and yet at the one end of the range the colour may be white and at the other end of the range black...Useful as decided cases are, it is always advisable to get back to the words of the Act itself and to remember the object with which it was passed." - Lord Sankey, Aeronautics Reference

Seven’s Wonders and Sixty Colours: More on the Interpretation of Section 7

In my last article, “Reaffirming the Case for Constraint“, I replied to Leonid Sirota’s article ...

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Mr. Sirota argues that judges are inherently "engaged in a moral and ideological endeavour"

Constraint and Candour

This article is written in response to Asher Honickman’s recent article, “Reaffirming the Case for ...

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