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Financial Support

Advocates for the Rule of Law is a not-for-profit-corporation and its continued operation and success rests on  support and donations from private individuals.

By supporting ARL, you are contributing to Canada’s only organization expressly dedicated to furthering the rule of law.

Getting Involved

As a rapidly growing organization, we are always looking for students, lawyers and other interested members of the public to get involved in Advocates for the Rule of Law.

We are especially looking for individuals who can assist us in one or more of the following areas:

  •   Article contributions (the contents of which remain exclusively owned by the author)
  • Business Development (Sponsorship/Grants)
  •   Multimedia production

We are interested in individuals who have some experience in one or more of these areas, who are self-motivated, and who are passionate. The time commitment is entirely up to you.

Contact Information

  • Support/Donations and General Information: Asher Honickman at
  • Article Contributions:  Asher Honickman at
  • Multimedia: Justin Anisman at