Monthly Archives: April 2016

Runnymede Spring Tour Update and Website!

The Runnymede Society, which is a new law student membership group co-founded by and in partnership with Advocates for the Rule of Law, kicked off this spring with a series of great events across the country this past month: March 2nd: Queen’s: Debate on Social and Economic Rights with Profs. Bruce Pardy, Tsvi Kahana, and Chris Essert. March 17th: Calgary: ...

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Court Slashes Lawyer’s Contingency Fee in Favour of Minor Plaintiff

In Batalla v. St. Michael’s Hospital,  the plaintiffs alleged that the physician and nurses who delivered the minor plaintiff did so negligently and caused the minor plaintiff to suffer severe brain damage. He was born with very limited cognitive functioning, impaired motor skills and visual impairments. The parties settled the matter following a mediation in April 2014 for the all-inclusive sum of $6,625,000. Pursuant to Rule 7 ...

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