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Asher Honickman and John Sikkema Publish in Law Matters

The Summer 2016 edition of Law Matters, a publication of the Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch) features two articles penned by members of ARL.

Asher Honickman has written a paper entitled “The Case for a Constrained Approach to Section 7,” which discusses section 7’s textual limitations. An slightly modified version of this article was first published on the ARL website.

John Sikkema meanwhile has co-written a piece with Derek Ross entitled “It Breaks a Village: What Autonomy Rhetoric Doesn’t Teach Us About (Assisted) Suicide,” which discusses ethical issues related to assisted-dying.

The editors at Law Matters should be lauded for intentionally seeking out divergent perspectives on important constitutional and ethical issues facing Canadians. Each article in this edition is worth a read.