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ARL is Heading Back to the Supreme Court

As previously reported, Advocates for the Rule of Law recently sought intervenor status in the standard of review appeals before the Supreme Court. The Court has indicated that it intends to reconsider Dunsmuir – the seminal administrative law decision in Canada. These appeals will have a significant impact on administrative law, and, potentially, on the rule of law itself. It is for this reason that ARL sought leave to intervene, which has now been granted.

ARL would like to thank its counsel, Adam Goldenberg and his team at McCarthy Tétrault for their outstanding intervention record, which you can read here and here. Mr. Golbenberg’s article outlining ARL’s arguments can be read here.

ARL and its counsel will now turn their minds to completing ARL’s factum, which must be submitted within approximately one month. We will post our factum on the website once it has been submitted, and will also let you know if and when ARL is granted leave to make oral submissions at the hearing, which will take place between December 4 -6, 2018.