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Runnymede Spring Tour Update and Website!

The Runnymede Society, which is a new law student membership group co-founded by and in partnership with Advocates for the Rule of Law, kicked off this spring with a series of great events across the country this past month:

  • March 2nd: Queen’s: Debate on Social and Economic Rights with Profs. Bruce Pardy, Tsvi Kahana, and Chris Essert.
  • March 17th: Calgary: Panel Discussion on Keystone XL with Profs. James Coleman, Jennifer Winter (Calgary School of Public Policy), Kenneth Green (Fraser Institute).
  • March 18th:  U of Alberta: Debate on Freedom of Association and the Right to Strike with Profs. Malcolm Lavoie, Eric Adams, Tom Flanagan.
  • March 21st: U of Toronto: Debate on Market vs State Regulation with Profs Jason MacLean and Bruce Pardy.
  • March 29th: Panel on Freedom of Conscience and the Citizenship Act with Leonid Sirota (JSD candidate, NYU School of Law) and Brian Bird (DCL candidate, McGill). Leonid Sirota’s thoughtful comments from our McGill event can be read here.

Finally, Runnymede now has a website: www.runnymedesociety.caPlease visit us regularly to stay updated on our news and events. In particular, current Canadian law students should consider applying to our 2016 Student Leadership Conference; details here,