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Congratulations Mark Mancini!

Mark Mancini, ARL’s Vice President and a regular article contributor, was called to the Ontario Bar on June 25, 2018. Mark has been a member of ARL for a couple of years and has contributed greatly to its expansion during that time. Despite just finishing his articles as a clerk at the Federal Court, Mark is already established as a respected legal thinker. He has developed professorial-level expertise in administrative law and has already been published in an academic journal. He was also the only student among the various authors writing for the “Dunsmuir Decade” series on Administrative Law Matters and Double Aspect, a series whose other authors included two former Supreme Court justices and which was cited favourably by the Federal Court of Appeal.

Mark is joining a hallowed institution and one that is now better for having him. We at Advocates for the Rule of Law wish Mark nothing but success in his career as a lawyer, and that he continue to exhibit integrity and good judgment as an Officer of the Court.


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  1. Tell Mark his former Gail Moot partner congratulates him. It was an honour to moot with him and I am both glad for and thankful for his success. I see Mark becoming a judge in 15 years, and he will be greatly needed on the bench.