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Magna Carta Memorial at Runnymede where King John is said to have sealed Magna Carta in 1215

Promoting the Runnymede Society

Yesterday, the National Post ran an op-ed piece co-authored by Asher Honickman, Marni Soupcoff (Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation) and Joanna Baron (Director of the Runnymede Society). The article, “Safeguarding the Rule of Law”, speaks to the importance of constitutionalism and the rule of law in Canada and some recent decisions at the Supreme Court that call into question the Court’s commitment to those fundamental principles. The article also discusses the formation and goals of the Runnymede Society, which you can read about more here.

Today, Joanna Baron was a guest on National Post Radio with Matt Gurney, the editor of, and columnist for, the National Post Comment section. Joanna discussed recent decisions of the Supreme Court and spoke in greater detail about our vision for the Runnymede Society. You can listen below.

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  1. Plantageneight

    As advocates for the rule of law, an important part of which is, (in my view) the principle of an open court. What are the views of this community on the fact that the closing arguments in the Duffy trial were not given in open court. They were given in writing to the Judge alone, in the interest of speeding up the trial. In a jury trial we would all have heard via the media and the court record the closing arguments of both the prosecution and the defense. In my view, justice has not been seen to have been done in this case because of that short cut.